September 2018 ANO Update

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September brings the first day of fall and a packed schedule for the Factom team. From Shanghai to San Francisco and Chicago, we traveled, coded and hustled the month away. We were joined by two new team members: Matt York, Senior Developer, and Kevin Casper, Community Manager. You may recognize Matt as one of the previous winners of a Factom Hackathon and his passion for petri nets. Kevin joins us from a robust community manager background in the gaming world, but is passionate about all technology and particularly mechanical keyboards. While each monthly updates are written to be a brief summary, you can always see a more technical version by clicking here.

Improvements this month were made to the diagnostics for when main net stalls occur, this  allows for better visibility into DBsig mismatches. We improved transactions per second by implementing a fastrack queue for synchronization messages. By adding multiple-fct-balances, multiple-ec-balances and wallet-balances to CLI, we were able to give readable access to the total wallet balance call. We also received approval from the lawyers to allow integration of 3rd party source code. The next step is to develop process to guide 3rd Party developers on how to accomplish this.

Maintenance and patience were the themes that echoed through the last few days of September. We were able to work through a stall, learn from it, and come out stronger on the other side. The post mortem on the stall can be found by clicking here.

You can always check the status of the network here. For more information about the Factom Inc. grants, please see: Protocol GrantOracle GrantAnchor Grant, and Factom Governance Documentation.

Paul spoke at BlockWorld this month on how you can manage identities with blockchain technology. In Shanghai at the Wanxaing Blockchain Summit,we sponsored a Hackathon and the winning team won using Factom. In Chicago, we hosted a Smart Contract Summit and Hackathon at Northwestern University with 10 teams making it to the finish line. Special thanks to the Chicago Blockchain Center, Perkins Coie and PWC for sponsoring the events.

Upcoming events:

Heading down to Austin for the Texas Bitcoin Conference? We would love to see you there. Reach out to us in Discord or on Twitter.

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