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Outputs and Outcomes

Our focus is to:

  • Improve the performance and reliability of the Protocol
  • Drive awareness of, and market demand for, the Protocol
  • Provide ability to monitor the exchange rate and make adjustments as needed
  • Make improvements to the Anchor Master allowing Factom to remain competitive and relevant in the marketplace.

Grants: Protocol Grant   |   Oracle Grant   | Anchor Grant  (Previous Grants from June 8 – Sept 8)

Status and Achievements


New capabilities

  • Ethereum Anchoring (Anchor Grant)
  • Standing Parties (Protocol Grant)
    • Ensures no other standing party can lay claim to the same standing
    • Cannot be intercepted by an attacker before secured in the Standing Chain
    • Can be easily tallied to calculate the standing behind a decision in the Factom protocol
  • FactomD Recognizes Voting (Protocol Grant)  
    • The tracking of identities which can be used to track the standing parties and delegate votes to provide support for ANOs, Grants, etc.
    • Provide APIs to expose information about staked FCT to allow the 3rd parties to do calculations based on this data.
    • Provide APIs to expose information about staked ECs to allow the 3rd parties to do calculations based on this data.
  • New Network Diagnostic API (Protocol Grant) – Gives visibility into aspects of nodes to better understand their performance and what could have caused a stall.
  • Rate Change Alerts (Oracle Grant) – Keeps the exchange rate current with the market to ensure they stay near the intended constant rate.
  • Sept 17th Release Feature development complete but was pulled from MainNet due to issue. Will release once issues identified and QA is complete.  
    • Performance Graphing Tools – Collecting data is complete for required for new internal graphing tools that allow QA a better understanding of how changes affect performance
    • Timeouts Defined Merged – Improvement to simulation tests so when they fail they exit
    • Calculate System Status Always – Populated Control Panel Summary\Syncing by default
    • Upgrade Golang to 1.11 – Keep up with Golang development
    • Test Net Coin Base payout Delay change – Allows outside developers to test Coinbase cancels (Protocol Grant)


  • Continue to reduce number of missing messages – Allow the ANO nodes to communicate more effectively, have less bandwidth overhead and less risk of failure due to peer to peer network deficiencies. (Protocol Grant)
  • Sept 17th Release Development complete but was pulled from MainNet due to issue. Will release once issues identified and QA is complete.  
    • Duplicate Message reduction – Performance Improvement by no longer sending messages that were previously received.
    • MMR Improvements
      • reduced the amount of messages asked for that are not needed
      • do not ask for same message multiple times without specific time lag
      • reduce RAM consumption for process lists during reboot
    • SimCtrl EC purchase method – Improvement that allows simulation to more accurate match observed purchase behavior
    • Election Failures – Improvement to the number of false fails from simulation tests when follower/audit nodes are not keeping up

Work Completed

New capabilities

  • Improved Diagnostics on MainNet Stalls – Allows better visibility into DBsig mismatches causing stalls.
  • Fastrack Queue for Synchronization Messages – Improved transactions per second
  • Add multiple-fct-balances, multiple-ec-balances and wallet-balances to CLI – Gives a readable access to the Total Wallet Balance call.


  • Suppress Missing Message Request – Reduce message requests by Suppress Missing Message requests during reboot
  • Cleaning up Exchange API Call – Removed debug code
  • Race Condition Fix – Improves stability when booting
  • DBSig Election Stall – Fixes the reason for the more frequent stall cases.  Blog Post was created to explain:
  • Correct Process List – Avoids audit servers and followers lagging behind on their load which could cause leaders to stop functioning as leaders
  • Internal Testing Correction – Caused false negatives in test suite.  Correction allows test to wait for all the nodes in the test before completion of test.
  • Factom-walletd prints http authorization credentials – Removed the password that was printed on the logs


  • Onboarded Matt York – Senior Engineer
  • Onboarded Kevin Casper – Community Manager
  • Received approval from Lawyers to allow integration of 3rd Party Source Code.  Next step is to develop process to guide 3rd Party developers on how to accomplish this.  


  • Wanxaing Blockchain Summit – Sept 11 – 12th, Shanghai, China
    • Sponsored the Hackathon: a team using Factom ended up winning
    • David, Chairman of Factom, spoke at the conference
  • BlockWorld – Sept 14th,2018  
    • Paul Spoke: Managing Identity on the Blockchain
  • Digital Mortgage Conference – Sept 17th and 18th, Las Vegas, NV
    • Boothed and Event Sponsor
  • SmartContract Hackathon and Summit, Sept 28 – 30th, Chicago, IL
    • 75 hackers and 50 summit attendees
    • The Summit was a great success and was live streamed. Working on getting the video edited now.
  • MISMO Fall Summit – Sept 24 – 28th, Washington, DC
    • Sponsored
    • Laurie is Co-Chair of the “Blockchain Community of Practice Working” group

Lessons Learned

Organizational learnings:

  • Improving internal processes regarding work priorities given to team

Future Plans

Protocol Grant

  • Enable the ability to count votes of standing parties
  • Support of internal sharding
  • Ongoing Performance Improvements
  • Continue supporting the protocol and issues that arise

Oracle Grant

  • Improvements to Rate Change Log allowing validation against historical data
  • Rate change alerts

Anchor Grant

  • Ethereum Anchors


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