Technical Update: Release Candidate One

Technical Updates | July 16, 2015
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Release Candidate One is Up

Thanks to the hard work of testers from our community and our Factom core developers, we have a Release Candidate One (RC1), a critical step for launching the Factom network.

Help us test
Please join our efforts by sending Brian an email. You can also join our Community Tester Skype channel by sending Brian an email with your Skype ID.  There will be lots of debugging to complete before we make the Beta available to the broader community. Having Factom and the Factoids robust and secure is a top priority for our team.

What is happening with Factoids?
You will be able to utilize Factoids with the release of the beta Factom client, and the launch of the Factom network. We will release the beta once we finished testing a release candidate that passes all our tests and meets all the requirements set out in milestone one, which is just around the corner! Cryptsy and ShapeShift will be some of the first places you will be able to exchange Factoids. Many other exchanges have expressed interest in Factom as well.

As a reminder to all our early contributors and purchasers of Factoids, you will have access to your factoids once the genesis block has been created, which is part of Beta.

How do you receive On-Chain Factoids if you bought them through Konify?
If you purchased Factoids through Koinify, your master pass phrase (the 12 words) has been credited with Factoids. If you can use a command line wallet, you can access them with the release of the Beta. We will post instructions with the release the Beta. If you are not familiar with how to use a command line wallet, then it is best to wait until more user-friendly wallets are available.

In Other Fun Factom News
Factom Inc. reached its fundraising goal of $1 million for the seed round. Check out their profile on Bnk to the Future.

Factom Development Explanation
Below are pictures of Paul Snow explaining how Github is used to manage Factom development to Tiana.

GitHub Development Explained with Cats:

  1. Developers are depicted here as a unicorn and fairy working on their own branches.
  2. When the developers have completed working on their branches, they push their code to feed the small “cat” (checking in code as part of development).
  3. Once development “cat” has been fed enough new code and fixes, it grows into a “lion” and is called “master”.
  4. The new iterations of the “lion” are called “Pre Release, RC1, RC2, and Milestone 1”, which results in a pride of lions. The latest one being the strongest and fastest.

This was an office joke that we thought you all would enjoy. Thanks for being an awesome and supportive community.

The Factom Foundation Team

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