October 2018 ANO Update

Technical Updates | November 12, 2018
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October was an interesting month here in Austin, Texas. While we are typically a very dry climate, with so much rain, the Austin water went into a 6 day water boil notice. Lucky for us developers only drink Redbull and soda. While these posts are written to be a brief summary, you can always see a more the more technical Grant Status Update by clicking here.

A critical security bug was patched and adopted by the network during this period. It would have allowed any FCT wallet with a misconfigured clock user to halt the blockchain. This was a major update and you can find more about this critical bug fix on the Factomize forum here.

We’re testing the Factom Testnet anchoring into ethereum smart contracts via newly developed Merkle aggregation code to catch up with historical blockchain data. Check it out in the explorer. The test was a success until ethereum funds were depleted, after which the Merkle aggregation code will be tested again and catch up on the missing blocks.

Maintenance of the protocol continues to be a priority for us, continuing to reduce operator overhead, bug squashing, and some various logging and configuration improvements overall.

You can always check the status of the network here. For more information about the Factom Inc. grants, please see: Protocol Grant, Oracle Grant, Anchor Grant, and Factom Governance Documentation.

During the Texas Bitcoin Conference on October 27-28, Paul Snow and several other Factom team members presented on various topics. The full 2018 Texas Bitcoin Conference schedule and video library can be found here.
Paul Snow on “Digital Identity and Why It Matters”
Paul Snow on “Market Driven Pegged Tokens (Stable Coins)”

Andrew Yashchuk on “Internet of Things (IoT) Security – DHS”
Carl DiClementi & Darrell Malone on “Bringing Blockchain to the Masses/Introduction to Harmony Connect”
Zachary Lynde on “Smart Contracts”

The holiday season makes for very few conferences, but we are already planning our 2019 events:

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