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Technical Updates | December 7, 2018
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November brought an end to daylight savings and the beginning of holidays that wrap up the year. Before that happens, we have some things we need to highlight this month, including the hiring of a new dev manager Demetry Gerodimos, who’s here to help steer product development with a ton of bigtime experience. These posts are written as a brief summary – if you’re more interested in more technical insights, please read our Grant Status Update here. Additionally, we are experimenting with sharing a number of the developer tickets directly for those who want to have visibility on the details. Check out the initial list starting in September 2018 through the end of November 2018 at this link.

Our big highlight for November is the news that Equator, a leading provider of residential loan default software and marketing solutions for the US real estate market, announced an agreement with Factom, Inc. Equator will be integrating our Factom® Harmony™ service with their Equator® PRO solution. Check out the full press release here.

We pushed the release of code v6.1.0 which implements the Round 2 protocol grants and are happy to note that the deployment and activation was a success. We’d also like to give a shoutout to Sam Vanderwaal for his efforts on this release update! Alongside the new Authority Node Operators PrestigeIT and Veterans Blockchain Investment Firm, we’re really excited to see the widening decentralization across many aspects of the protocol.

You can always check the status of the network here. For more information about the Factom Inc. grants, please see: Protocol Grant, Oracle Grant, Anchor Grant, and Factom Governance Documentation.

We’d like to announce that our grant sponsors pool has expanded. Nolan Bauer from VBIF and the Factomatic duo Nikola Nikolov and Valentin Ganev are now part of our regular sponsor updates alongside our previous sponsors Dominic Luxford (88mph/D-Lux), Nic Robinette, and Adam Levy. With their insights, input, and access, there are now more ways to remain informed about what’s going on with Factom, Inc.

Paul showed up in Forbes a couple times this month. First, he was part of a panel discussing many of the opportunities and difficulties of blockchain which was highlighted as part of the recent US midterm elections. In the second article, Paul weighs in on 2019 predictions for the blockchain space. Paul’s availability as an expert continues to help manage the public’s opinion of blockchain as it’s adopted by larger firms and processes that they relate to.

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