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Technical Updates | June 19, 2019
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This May, Factom Inc met a monumental milestone of turning 5 years old! Founder and CEO Paul Snow wrote some thoughts on all the hard work and incredible experience this has been. Read them here. Other changes that came this month include Brian Deery taking the mantle as CTO and Jay Smith stepping into the role of COO. Laurie Pyle has moved into an executive advisor role while continuing to lead the mortgage vertical. These changes will allow Factom to focus more on developer driven projects and continue gaining traction with the Harmony Suite.

While this is a summary of May’s activities as an Authority Node Operator (ANO) of the Factom Protocol, you can find more technical details in the long form updates. Grant Status Update here. Additionally, you can get insights in our Jira ticket log and Github report from this month.

The biggest thing to happen was activation of the 2019 2nd quarter Factom grants. These were successfully deployed across the network by the community starting May 22.  These culminated in activation on May 25th.

Another big development was getting the latest bugfix release deployed to the Community Testnet.  Deployment started on May 15th and the release Bond will bring the codebase running on the network up to date with recent developments. The testnet experimentation did highlight some potential weak points that needed investigation. Even with the potential weaknesses that were pointed out, Bond was showing to be far more robust than previous versions.

There were two Sponsor meetings this month, May 7th and 21th. The May 7th meeting was recorded and published here. The sponsors in attendance in May were Domonic Luxford, Nolan Bauer, Nikola Nikolov, and Valentin Ganev (both of Factomatic).

Additionally, you can find us at a few upcoming events:

May was a big month for us and the Factom Protocol. We look forward to beating the Texas heat by working in the air conditioning, enjoying alfresco Fridays together in the sunshine, and furthering Factom’s success.

Thank you for your time and attention!

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