July 2018 Factom Protocol Update

Technical Updates | August 13, 2018
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This July, Austin was hitting record temperatures that made it almost too hot to be outside. But the good thing is this meant we were inside coding away! The focus of July 2018 was to improve the performance and reliability of the Factom® Protocol.

We improved the transaction performance and refactored code to reduce the number of missing messages. We completed research for Ethereum anchoring and expect to start working on implementation soon.  We added new API endpoints requested by an exchange (in QA now). We also added code to create and allocate Factoids for grant payouts. Future plans are to implement an on-chain voting protocol and an API for network diagnostics.

On a routine basis we’re supporting maintenance of the protocol, including diagnosing mainnet outages, monitoring / adjusting the exchange rate, and managing the Bitcoin anchoring software. You can always check the status of the network here. For more information about our grants, please see: Protocol GrantOracle GrantAnchor Grant, and Factom Governance Documentation. Looking for a more technical explanation? click here!

With the success of the Factom Hackathon in June, we discovered that hackathons are a great place to find qualified candidates!  We added two new developers: Sam Barnes and Josh Brigati. They’ve already become invaluable parts of the team.

Paul spoke at several venues to promote the protocol and has been actively submitting speaking proposals for the fall:

Upcoming events:

We value the growth of the Factom Protocol community and are working hard to move the protocol forward. Check out our latest blogpost on the Factom difference.

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