January 2019 ANO Update

Technical Updates | February 7, 2019
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New year, new development! While we’re still working on not accidentally dating things for last year, we did take a look and built our reports on the success of 2018. These posts are written as a brief summary – if you’re interested in more technical insights, please read our Grant Status Update here.

We want to quantify how much of the Factomd software has improved over the grant period. The grant targets were a 50% capacity improvement and 80% improvement on missing message traffic. Our tests showed that we hit those marks, which you can check out in our technical report.

Much of January’s Factomd development was focused on QA for the February release. Some of our harder-to-solve bugs from December presented blocker bugs in January. They were worked on, and by the middle of the month, all we had left were bugs that could be worked around. Some additional QA and testnet tests revealed some oddities, but they have been exceptionally valuable to our ongoing support.

On January 19, the Factom network had a stall which spotlighted key takeaways. The first takeaway is that the restart mechanism worked, but had a few weaknesses. We’re currently working on a rewrite to improve on that. The second takeaway was that the January Factomd version would struggle with accumulated errors over long periods of operation, and the upcoming release will be addressing that.

We’re participating with a few events coming up:

As mentioned in our last ANO update, the development grant ended on December 10, 2018. We haven’t let that stop us from doing what we can to make this protocol better than ever. We’re looking forward to continuing that success!

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