February 2019 ANO Update

Technical Updates | March 9, 2019
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Continuing our March through 2019, we’re not letting anything stall us as we spring into action on protocol development! This is a brief summary of our last month of work. You can find the longer, more technical Grant Status Update here. We’re also giving visibility into our JIRA logs and Github logs with these monthly updates.

Despite starting the month on a reduced development period, we were working on the v6.1.1 release. This release faced two major blockers. One was a second pass stall bug that was effectively solved and going through internal testing. The other was a brainswap bug that prompted some new testing suites to get setup, which in the end lead to squashing the bug. Good news is that in the Kraft release (v6.2.1), brainswaps are compatible with previous versions. Bad news was that the 6.2.0 Grants release didn’t go completely smoothly, where a failed brainswap stalled the network, which was resolved. Check out the full stall report here.

You might have caught above that I mentioned something called the “Kraft” release. We’re introducing a naming scheme based on types of paper. The releases after 6.1.1 are Butter, Kraft, Parchment, and Xuan. This concept goes back to when Factom was described as “blank paper”, so we’re embracing that theme here. While we’re highlighting names, we’d like to shine a spotlight on three developers, Who Soup from Factomize, Thomas Meier from Layertech, and Niels Klomp from BIF, who all had development activity this month. We’d also like to thank our sponsors Dominic Luxford, Nolan Bauer, and Valentin Ganev. You can see our full February 13 sponsor meeting recording.

What’s next for us? Well, we have a few events happening in March:

Thank you for your time and attention, we’ll see you here again real soon!

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