Healthcare made better with Factom

Privacy concerns surrounding medical records have resulted in complex compliance regulation. Medical records contain some of the most sensitive personal data. How are these records protected as hackers attempt to steal their vast and extensive personal data? By creating a medical identity linked to an individual on a blockchain, Factom is changing the game.

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Gates Foundation

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Blockchain in Healthcare

Listen to Paul Snow’s talk for Blockchain in Healthcare Today, “Using Blockchain for Managing Medical Records in Difficult Environments”.

One of the biggest issues surrounding patient data privacy concerns is a patient’s right to own their data. Patients trust hospitals and healthcare providers to safeguard their sensitive data. However, this information is usually collected over a lifetime and contains some of the most intimate facts about a person. How can an individual claim ownership of their healthcare records and remain assured of their record’s integrity?

Because this issue of patient record stability and ownership is critical in developing nations, Factom has developed a portable medical wallet for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to record a patient’s medical information on a blockchain. Each individual has a secure medical identity that cannot be compromised regardless of changing governments or healthcare environments. Each healthcare record can be securely transported between different clinics and the owner can be assured of the record’s integrity. Because records are checked against a blockchain, and not a potentially corrupt or temporary landscape, the data remains safe forever.