True Digital Identity

IoT devices are becoming more embedded within our everyday lives. They are in the cars we drive, the devices we wear, and they secure our modern homes. It is imperative to safeguard them against would-be hackers. Vital personal information and our lives are being trusted to easily spoofed and hacked systems. 

IoT devices have a particular vulnerability when it comes to establishing Identity. The industry so far is looking at traditional approaches based off of certificate authorities.

The problem with such approaches is that they do not scale, they are expensive, and various errors open up security holes. The improper validation of certificates allow man-in-the-middle attacks. This type of breach happens frequently. 

Factom provides mechanisms to create lightweight security based on identity, reputation, origin, and manufacturer. This would be a true digital identity for IoT devices that could not be hacked or spoofed. Using the Factom Iris™ platform for IoT devices would not be limited to a certificate, or another static state, but can be dynamically updated with new information over time. Adding a time dimension to security is a revolution.

Don't be the next target of data theft

In 2013, Target had a massive data breach. It cost them over $190 million and was only partially offset by insurance. They also had a class-action lawsuit filed against them and had a drop in consumer confidence. Sony, Anthem and the Internal Revenue Services were also recently breached. Don't be next.

Working with the Department of Homeland Security

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Factom is honored to be working with the DHS on a project titled: “Blockchain Software to Prove Integrity of Captured Data From Border Devices.” The focus of this project is to prevent spoofing and ensure data integrity of IoT devices. 

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