Factom Harmony Digital Vault

Factom Harmony’s core product, Digital Vault, locks into time your most important closing documents and gives you a complete history on every file, from origination to close. This means that you never lose track of documents or need to re-audit a file, saving you time and our organization money.

Because the Factom Harmony Digital Vault is backed by cutting edge blockchain software, you can easily share files internally and externally granting permission with a few clicks of a button and never having to worry about the integrity of your records.

  • An entire record catalog of each loan file.

  • Every document related to the closed loan

  • Know the original owner of each of the vital document underpinning each loan

  • Get the location of the all the document each of your closed loans

Each file is secured within a blockchain container, locking in the order the final documentation, recording each person that accesses files, and rejecting duplicate documents. Digital Vault saves you countless hours re-auditing records and reconstructing loan files.

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