Factom Harmony

A Collaborative Blockchain Platform that can preserve, validate and publish evidence for the Mortgage Industry

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Factom® utilizes our blockchain solutions to create a digital process that allows each party to retain their documents, files and data securely within their data centers while providing trusted transactions with full confidence in the integrity of the information being shared or accessed. 

Providing a single, comprehensive, secure and unalterable platform that eliminates the costs of document assembly and saves time by consolidating document storage. Factom Harmony enables organizations to better coordinate compliance audits, interact with all loan documents and data across multiple sources, deliver final documents faster and utilize resources more efficiently—all through one platform.

Factom Harmony Solutions

  • Regulatory Auditing and Litigation
    Providing lenders with a blockchain based document audit solution that supports review and assembly of the necessary loan documents for all audit types. Loan reviews for compliance all require accurate and complete loan files for a successful audit.
  • Quality Control
    Documentation errors are the #1 source of defects and create false impressions of poor quality and generate excessive costs and challenges to the Quality Control process. Harmony eliminates duplicate documents, lost documents, document issues, and exceptions.
  • Mergers and Acquisition Due Diligence
    Whether it is for file transfer, bulk or whole loan sales, conduit or securitization, the costs will be significantly reduced to all parties to review and audit the documents and data associated with the transaction.

Key Benefits

  • Organizes through a powerful document, data and file management platform, digital assets across a distributed network and numerous organizations.
  • Creates organizational and file hierarchy models for management of digital assets
  • Verifies and Validates digital asset originality and integrity
  • Confirms digital asset ownership and supports transfers of ownership
  • Manages access to digital assets for your organization and third parties
  • Manages complex transactions through use of due diligence and audit features for groups of assets
  • Supports comments, exceptions and issue management for each individual digital asset.

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