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Factom Harmony is our Blockchain-as-a-Service platform that helps you build Factom blockchain capabilities into your applications without cryptocurrency or infrastructure.  No blockchain expertise is needed to get started! We offer complete environments for exploration, prototyping, and production use cases.

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Build trusted workflows & proof systems


Read, write, search, and export process proofs

REST API, SDKs, and documentation access

Private blockchain

Federated and consortium blockchain options

Option to anchor into Public Factom

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Build blockchain into your apps


Read, write, and search blockchain entries

REST API, SDKs, and documentation access

Free blockchain sandbox for exploration

Private blockchain options

Fixed entry costs in USD for Public Factom


Public Blockchain

Public Factom blockchain 

Fixed entry cost in USD

Anchored to Bitcoin and Ethereum

Private Blockchain

Managed private blockchain

Scale from concept to production

Anchored to Public Factom Blockchain

Federated Blockchain

Permissioned blockchain

Large organizations and consortiums

Anchored to Public Factom Blockchain

We also offer a free blockchain sandbox for exploration.