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Blockchain applications made simple for Enterprise.

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At Factom we build core technology that enables people to interact smoothly with data, ask better questions, and make better decisions. We plug into your existing systems with proven Factom technology that can be deployed quickly and adapt to any domain. 

Factom products are used throughout the public, private, and nonprofit sectors to help organizations quickly implement solutions to the hardest problems they face in data integrity, audit, and compliance.

Products built for Enterprise

Factom Apollo™ software gives businesses and governments the tools they need to ensure their data can’t be changed without them knowing about it.

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Factom Iris™ platform creates true digital identities. It moves away from a “Certification Authority” model to a “Distributed Network of Authority.” In doing so, it decentralizes points of attack and makes it exponentially harder to spoof IoT devices and digital assets.

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Factom Hera™ application combines the security benefits of the blockchain, the technology used to secure cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, with the privacy advantages of a permissioned database, to create a complete security solution for your organization.

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