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Hackathon | June 18, 2018
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It has been a week since we kicked off the first hackathon exclusively hosted by Factom and we couldn’t be more proud of how it went. We learned a lot, we lost sleep and we spent this last week in retrospection.

With over 100 attendees, we spotted some very bright, enthusiastic, and passionate developers who came to conquer paper. While for centuries paper has been the ultimate authority, we know it has limitations and pitfalls. The challenge was to take a traditionally paper processed experience or industry and show how the Factom Blockchain can create a more streamlined and paperless solution.

There were no two teams working on the same problem. Problems ranged from blockchain solutions for pharmaceutical prescription pad errors, to verification for farm-to-market peaches, to chain of evidence management in criminal cases. Teams did not disappoint.

While Saturday morning started strong with 15 teams, only 10 made it to Sunday’s presentation day. Teams were provided 5 minutes to pitch the diverse panel of judges: Paul Snow from Factom to assess the technical, Sarah Ortiz-Shields from Austin Tech Alliance to judge social good impact, and Richard McConkie from Booz Allen Hamilton to determine the practical business application.

Team Zoo – 1st place and $5000

The solution for traveling pets’ medical records protects world renowned places, solving for time, money and the verification process for traveling overseas with pets.

Source Code: https://github.com/stackdump/factom-hackathon

Team YB Supply Chain – 2nd place and $3000

The marijuana supply chain solution uses a fleet of IOT enabled devices to track the crop from farm to dispensary while providing an easy interface for all market participants.

Team BlackBox – 3rd place and $1000

Blackbox creates immutable vehicle logs for your vehicle using a Raspberry Pi and an OBD-II (On Board Diagnostics) sensor, so your vehicle data is hashed and published to the Factom blockchain.

Vehicle Identity Chain

Driver Identity Chain


Team Blockchain Rando – A team that met Saturday morning as strangers but left as friends.

They built a web app for entering evidence related to copyright claims. Once entered, the evidence is hashed and stored on the Factom blockchain where it can be authenticated by anyone in the world.

Team Topl – Team Topl built a blockchain enabled alternative to signing contracts using paper or using a centralized data collection like DocuSign. BioSignatures solve for censorship, hacking/phishing attempts, central points of failure and indiscriminate data collection.

Team Weku

Webshot takes snapshots of websites and creates an immutable record of the state.


Team Moerck – Four interns from Singapore interning in Austin this summer aimed to bring elections to the digital age. The Factom Blockchain is applied to manage voter identities and store anonymized voting results without a creating central nexus of control.

Team Paperless Future

Utilizing blockchain evidence recording in criminal cases creates an immutable chain of custody for physical evidence and a tamper-proof record of witness, officer, and criminal statements.

Team Peaches Ahead – This hacker group at Unibit Labs focused on developing a verification app for Fredericksburg Peaches. Users can scan a QR code at point of sale to avoid buying counterfeit produce.

Team Waitlisters – A team comprised of UT Austin students creating PrescriptChain, a way to keep medical prescriptions secure and seeking to eliminate paper using Factom’s Blockchain technology.

We are already looking forward to the next Factom Hackathon and can’t wait to see what more amazing ideas are built utilizing the Factom Blockchain.

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Crystal Wiese is the Director of Marketing at Factom. Working within the startup tech scene for the past 10 years she has become passionate about taking great ideas and building a strong comprehensive narrative. Graduating from the Art Institute of Portland with a degree in Design Management, Crystal has always seen the value in creating strong ties between the technical, creative and business.