Entry Credits

Entry Credits

What are Entry Credits? 
Entry Credits purchase fixed amounts of data in Factom the network. 

How to get Entry Credits? 
Option #1) Factoids can converted to Entry Credits at a variable exchange rate set by the Federated servers.  Read how to convert Factoids to Entry Credits.

Option #2) Purchase Entry Credits directly here

Are Entry Credits recycled or burned?
Entry Credits are burned.

Entry Credits are not transferable, and can be treated as a product instead of a currency.  This is great for institutions who shun cryptocurrency. Cost to use the system is based on usage, independent of Factoid exchange rate. It is used in the voting system. People who use the system have a say in how it is run, not currency holders or people who burn electricity. The Value of Entry Credits as a hacking target is greatly diminished since Entry Credits are not transferable.