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Digital Documents Advisors LLC

DocumentsForever provides a simple, easy way to create indisputable proof of existence of any document or piece of intellectual property using Factom Harmony Connect™. Any company that needs permanent data proofs can use the user friendly tools provided by DocumentsForever and Factom Harmony Connect to create data immutability, even in the face of loss, natural disasters, or ownership battles.

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Equator®, a business unit of Altisource, provides an automated default servicing platform for many of the country’s top servicers, real estate agents, and vendors. Equator® has integrated the Factom Harmony platform into their Equator® PRO solution, which helps helps servicers increase efficiency and vendor oversight across the default servicing process. Integrating Factom Harmony into Equator® PRO allows Equator® to carefully track and protect transaction activities, data, events and decisions in one place with the power of blockchain.

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Vodii, a software solutions company for the title and escrow industry, protects document integrity through their TxM Software Suite.  TxM, a web-based transaction management application, was developed in response to evolving legal and regulatory rules within the home services industry and uses Factom Harmony™ to create an immutable audit record of activities, data, events, and decisions.


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FPT Software

Digital consulting and solutions provider FPT Software is a Factom reseller of a Factom-based mobile app that focuses on Identity Management and Proof of Existence. FPT, one of Vietnam’s fastest growing technology companies, provides a blockchain platform through Factom Harmony™ that will deliver insightful and innovative solutions to customers business needs.

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Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation awarded Factom an initial grant to link patient data to various medical systems by use of biometric patient identifiers in a medical wallet. This work has continued with partner IPRD Group. In the developing world where infrastructure can quickly become politically or economically unstable, doctors can leverage individual, secure medical records to improve patient care and reduce procedural redundancy with the use of the Factom® blockchain in the medical wallet.


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Linxens is a global provider of component-based solutions for the Security and Identity markets. Their revolutionary system, dLoc®, manages and authenticates important records as well as connecting the physical to the digital with secure proof of existence through Factom Harmony Connect. Using the security of Factom’s blockchain technology and the convenience of Near Field Communication (NFC), any document can be digitally stored, shared and verified in real-time using a mobile device.

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Systems Planning and Analysis, Inc.

Professional services provider Systems Planning and Analysis, Inc. joins with Factom to expand blockchain access to their Department of Defense and federal customers. For each customer, there is an initial R&D effort to develop viable use cases, followed by pilots in order to prove the viability of initial concepts and then conclude with full implementation of solutions.


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Machine Halo

Machine Halo designs, builds, integrates, and deploys custom optic solutions, with industry-leading computer vision applications, powered by artificial intelligence. Utilizing Factom Harmony Connect’s blockchain technology, Machine Halo is able to ensure their data is secure. Sensors and cameras will be issued blockchain based digital identities with Connect and based on such, the existence and the destruction of facial recognition data can be proven, sensors secured from spoofing, and data programmatically verified.