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Conferences | February 16, 2018
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Last week, Factom CEO Paul Snow, Chairman of the Board David Johnston, and Chief Scientist Brian Deery attended the private invitation-only Satoshi Roundtable in Yucatan, Mexico. The Satoshi Roundtable, designed to connect up to 175 blockchain technology industry leaders, is an annual retreat where attendees can network, discuss ideas off the record, and participate in creating an agenda set by the attendees.

The Roundtable provided plenty of opportunities for the Factom team to have meaningful conversations with industry influencers. One of these, a lengthy conversation between Snow and economist Hernando de Soto, centered on the possibility of blockchain technology integration at the government level. Snow was also able to connect with Factom advisors Jeffrey Tucker and Steve Hopkins to discuss how to communicate the message that Factom can solve real world problems, as well as how to promote cryptocurrencies, Factom, and other Medici portfolio companies.

Rather than arriving to a fully laid out agenda prepared for the week, participants raised topics they wanted to discuss at the beginning of the Roundtable, with the topics discussed subject to change at any time as the participants saw fit. One such discussion was led by Snow on blockchain in real estate and land titles, including possible solutions with a number of people working on this problem. Meanwhile, Johnston connected with financiers in the industry, and Deery participated in a cross platform discussion on blockchain identity, and received feedback on a unreleased Lightning Network attack, a hot topic at the Roundtable.

The Factom team appreciates invitation to the prestigious Satoshi Roundtable, and we look forward to continuing the relationships we have built there.



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