Technical Update: Towards RC2

Technical Updates | August 13, 2015
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The Dev team was able to resolve the two bugs from last week that were disconnecting peers from the network. As Paul Snow loving says, “we are knocking the dust out” this week. Our amazing community testers are helping us chase down the last few system bugs. Our Devs are resolving them as fast as possible. We greatly appreciate the hard work of everyone involved in the project. Factom has become a reality because of the time and energy invested by our community.

When the world first learned about Factom
About this time last year, Brian Deery did the first public presentation of Notary Chains, which turned into Factom. The low level and less ambitious project to help free up the bitcoin blockchain and save cost.

New jobs at Factom
Working at Factom means being surrounded by colleagues who are dedicated to serving our community and having a lot of fun while we do it. Our work is about service, integrity, and joy. Building the world’s most honest systems takes a special type of person. If you think you would make a great fit for Factom, we have three spots open in Austin.

Front End Developer – Creative and artistic with Javascript skills, Web services, CSS, GUI development. Web development and Web application development. Austin-based is preferred.

Test Engineer – Able to dig into backend code, compare binary structures against specifications. Automated testing experience a plus. Ability to write scripts and understand command line tools. Able to use Linux, Windows, Mac. Austin-based required.

Engineer – C/C++, Java or Go, Go preferred. Multi-language experience preferred. Key-Value Databases like Bolt or Leveldb a plus. Understanding of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology a plus. Backend programming, Web Services, Networking. Degree and/or significant work experience required. Austin-based required.

If you believe you would make a great fit, please reach out.

Thanks for being an awesome and supportive community.

The Factom Foundation Team

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