Technical Update: Release Candidate 2

Technical Updates | August 20, 2015
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The Factom client core developers have just launched the Release Candidate 2 (RC2) version of the Factom Beta. If you are a tech savvy tester, we invite you to download RC2. Please find the installation instructions here.

RC2 includes

  • Better Factom block syncing & downloading
  • Tested for high numbers of entries
  • Improved server to client messaging and error handling
  • Some limited code refactoring and reorganization

Last release candidate before Factom Genesis version
We expect RC2 to be the last major development step before reaching our first milestone–release of the live Beta known as “Factom Genesis”. Factom Genesis will be released once we have a thoroughly tested RC2. The development team has been working very hard to knock all the “dust” off.

Next steps & launch party
To celebrate all the hard work and dedication over the past year, Factom will be hosting a launch party. If you are in the Austin area and would like to join us at “The Beginning of Time” RSVP here. Highlights will include Paul and Peter speaking about the project, recorded and broadcast to the community, and holding a Q&A on Zapchain. Factom will also be making a special announcement revealing the first non-profit project we are undertaking with new partners.

For everyone that has Factoids
You will be able to utilize Factoids with the release of the Factom Genesis client. We will release Factom Genesis after we finish testing RC2, and it meets all the milestone one requirements. ShapeShift will be some of the first places where you will be able to exchange Factoids. Many exchanges have expressed interest in listing Factoids. Stay tuned for more announcements regarding exchanges over the next few weeks. We are working towards making Factom user-friendly. Our partnership with Netki was the first step. With the release of Factom Genesis, there will be a command line wallet available. If you are not a developer, it is best to hold onto your Factoids until a more user-friendly wallet is released. Having Factom accessible and usable by everyone is a top priority, and we are moving towards this goal.

Releasing milestone 1 funding from the software sale
We’re very proud to have developed our project under the ‘gold standard’ for software development in our industry. Factom incorporated multi-signature protection, vested milestones, true developer accountability, and extensive due diligence into our project. Once the 3rd party Technical Evaluators approve the first milestone, we will receive the first portion of the funds. These funds will allow us to work towards the second milestone. Until this point, this project has been developed through volunteer efforts and with support from our corporate partner, Factom Inc. No funds from the software sale have been released at this point.

Factom is an open source project, which is made possible through community participation. We are very grateful to all the community testers and developers that have been helping build a robust and stable Factom. If you have not taken a look at our code, everything we have been working on can be found in our GitHub repositories.

Thanks for being an awesome and supportive community, as always.

The Factom Team

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