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Technical Updates | July 23, 2015
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The Factom Dev Team and Community Testers have been working hard running the Factom RC1. We are grateful for the community support during this critical development phase. The team identified and solved several issues over the last week.

Factom is now available for download on Mac OS. If you are a Mac based developer, please reach out to Brian to help us test further. Brian has created step by step instructions for downloading and installing Factom, creating chains and making entries on the test net. This documentation makes Factom more accessible to the less tech savvy users.

Clients initially had a load issue. They were maxing out at about 60 entries per 1-minute block. Michael Beam was able to increase this to 10,000 per 1-minute block. The Devs will be stress testing the servers next. We are ensuring that the Factom system is not limited by the number of entries created.

Peter, Abhi and Tiana learned how to create entries and chains on their Mac clients. This was a challenge for the Devs given their preference using the “superior Linux OS”. Michael patiently guided the trio as they downloaded and installed necessary packages. Followed by a quick lesson in executing commands via the Terminal. Tiana created her own chain called “Princess Tiana”. She will be busy preserving the records of cute animals. If you have records of cute animal pictures you wish to preserve, please spam her Facebook wall.

Factom Inc
Factom Inc. surpassed its fundraising goal. They secured $1.1 million in commitments this week. Check out their profile on Bnk to the Future.

Thank you for being an awesome and supportive community.

The Factom Foundation Team

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