October 2019 ANO Update

October was a great month for Factom core development.  This month the updated Xuan version passed quality control, passed the testnet, and was deployed across the network leaders.  This was a huge success because it represented several months of updates and bug fixes going live to make the network more robust.  

There were two sponsor meetings in October.  One of them was recorded and published: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVgTwUbzfCk  The sponsors in attendance in October were Nolan Bauer, David Kuiper, and Valentin Ganev.

While this is a summary of October activities as an Authority Node Operator (ANO) of the Factom Protocol, you can find more technical details in the long form updates: 

This is where we will be in the upcoming months, let us know if you want to connect: 

October was a busy month for the team as several were out at various conferences. Thank you to everyone involved in making the Factom protocol a success.