Technical Update: Latest Binaries v0.3.3

Technical Updates | October 8, 2015
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Factoids on Poloniex
We are thrilled to announce that Poloniex is the first exchange to trade the Factoids software tokens. “FCT Factom” is the ticker for Factoids on Poloniex. Poloniex has a talented team of developers, we enjoyed working with them on the Factom integration.

Thanks to Poloniex, we now also have price discovery for Factoids. Entry credits into our system will now dynamically move with the price of Factoids and stabilise the cost of entry for users of Factom.

“We are excited to add Factom to the Poloniex platform as part of our commitment to bringing innovative new projects to the market.” Said Tristan D’Agosta, CEO of Poloniex Exchange.

Factoids on Indexes
Factoids have also been listed on two indexes so it will be easier to keep track of market movements, capitalization and total supply. We are listed on CoinMarketCap and WorldCoinIndex.

Latest Binaries and Installers v0.3.3
Our Dev Team has released improved Factom binaries and installers, follow this guide to upgrade to the latest v0.3.3.

New Developers Sandbox Guide
Get in and start playing with Factom. Our new sandbox guide makes it easier for you to access an environment that isolates untested code changes and explore development on our system.

In Other News
We have migrated the Project Gutenberg from our Alpha version of Factom to our Beta. It is now protected by PGP cryptographic signatures, as well as being indexed by Factom into the blockchain. Look it up on the Factom Explorer here.

Thanks for being an awesome and supportive community.

The Factom Foundation Team

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