Technical Update: Latest Binaries v.0.3.2

Technical Updates | October 1, 2015
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Factom v.0.3.2 Released
Another week and another update from the Factom Foundation. The Dev Team has updated Factom and has released version 0.3.2. This improvement includes an update from 0.3.1 which allows displaying of confirmed transactions. Version 0.3.0 had a weakness discovered by Michael Perklin, our independent reviewer, which was patched in version 0.3.1 (see below). It was very easy to lose private keys, since the wallet was saved in a temporary location in some circumstances. Use the command “factom-cli properties” to check your factomd version.

Get Started Here
Before you run the latest installers, make sure you backup your local wallet file to avoid overwriting it. This is an important step as not doing so may cause you to lose your factoids. The instructions on how to backup your wallet file are at the end of this guide. Then you can follow this guide to install the binaries.

How to Convert Factoids to Entry Credits
We have been working hard to make Factom easier to use. This week we are releasing another guide on how to convert your Factoids to Entry Credits. It’s available here. What are Entry Credits needed for? They are required to factomize entries and anchor your records on the bitcoin blockchain.

We are in Beta
Please note that this is early stage software. When you are experimenting with Factom, we suggest not to use a large amount of factoids or entry credits. There may be issues, bugs, or you could easily mistype a command.

We will be putting out an easy to use Factoid Wallet App (GUI based). If you are unsure on how to use the command line Factom wallet, it is best to wait for new updates.

In Other News
The Factom blockchain is running smoothly. We have over 4200 blocks generated so far. If you have made some factoid transactions, our explorer will help you keep track of your addresses and balances. You can view the latest blocks and entries with the Factom Explorer at:

Completion of Milestone 1
One of our independent reviewers, Michael Perklin, has published a report that details the completion of our first milestone. In it you can find a list of the tests that he performed and how we did. Check it out here.

Below are the replies to Michael’s recommendations from our Chief Scientist, Brian Deery:

R1: Recommendation 1 was serious and was fixed in v0.3.1: see here.

R2: This will be a problem when we implement a P2P network. Users for Milestone 1 will not be running servers, so a configurable port number will not be useful.

R3: Added in v0.3.2: see here.

R4: This was implemented in the local wallets: see here.

R5: This indeed would be a nice feature to have. We will include it in when we redesign the explorer.

R6: This is a good idea. We will fix that when we redesign the explorer.

Thanks for being an awesome and supportive community.

The Factom Foundation Team

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