How to Factomize a Kitten – Part Two

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When we last left our furry friend, she was begging to join her co-felines in Factom. Many things have changed since then. Factom has gone into production and the software is available for accessing it. All this calls for new procedures for factomizing this little cutie!**

**Entry Credits, Factoids, and the Factom Binaries
**Entry credits are now required to factomize anything, factoids are required to acquire entry credits, and the Factom binaries must be installed on your computer.

Please see the Developer Guides at for assistance with installing the Factom binaries, getting factoids, and using the factoids to acquire entry credits.

**Preparing the Data
**Any digital data, but only digital data, can be factomized. So to capture our kitten for posterity, she must first be digitized. In our example we will be using the above picture. Right click on the picture in your browser and “Save Image As” to a location of your choosing on your computer. In our example we saved the image as FactomizeMe.png.

Basically, your kitten pictures are already digitized and ready to be factomized.

**Making a Chain in Factom
**Next, you need to have a chain in Factom in which to store your entry. Our Process Integration Manager, D. Robert Baker, has created a Kitten chain for us all using the below command:

factom-cli mkchain -e “Kittens!” ec-wallet-address-name01 <Kittens


and received this response:

Creating Chain: 475fbcef5e3a4e1621ed9a6fda5840c1d654715e55a8f5e514af0fb879ce0aec

This is Factom giving us the Chain ID of the new chain it will create. This information is required to make an entry in this particular chain and is viewable via the Factom Explorer here.

Another important thing to note is that the Chain will not be available for use until the next 10 minute marker (0, 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50 minutes past the hour) because that is when the Chain will be anchored into the blockchain.

Now that a Kitten chain exists, anyone, anywhere can factomize all the kittens they like and they can all frolic together, safe and unchanging forever in Factom. But, first we want to hash the kitten.

Hashing Kittens


Just kidding!
**Hashing just means transforming a string of bits (like a picture of a kitten) into a shorter fixed-length value that uniquely represents the original string. Our kitten picture is actually 597 thousand bytes of data. Hashing it will reduce it down to a mere 64 bytes. This is a much more efficient use of resources and just as reliable for verification purposes. Furthermore, Factom has a 10240 byte ceiling on the size of entries.

Hashes can be easily created using this web page.


Use the “Choose File” button to upload your picture file:


Click the “Convert file” button and you should get your kitten picture’s hash returned:


Just copy the hash (hex:) from the top line of the box:


Now you know what a hashed feline looks like!

**Adding Kittens (Entries) to Factom
**It is very easy to add an entry to the Kitten chain by using the below command:

echo 23367562d1bc7d2748daf263f6e771b337427aad39fe852590c04975143d0c2b | factom-cli put -e “FactomizeMe.png” -c 475fbcef5e3a4e1621ed9a6fda5840c1d654715e55a8f5e514af0fb879ce0aec ec-wallet-address-name01


wich returns:

Creating Entry: 21f7f9508207aff4aa198210d5dd997db90d954b383b47989403bd35796d7864

And we’re done! You can see the entry on the Factom Explorer here.**


The top highlight is the Hash of the entry we have just submitted and the bottom one is the hash of the picture we have successfully factomized.

Now, if anyone inquires after the health of “Miss Whiskers”, we can verify with mathematical certainty that she was indeed happy and well… at a point in time.

Summary for Entering Your Kitten Picture into Factom

Step 1 – Hash your picture using this web page.

Step 2 – Enter your hash into the Factom Kitten Chain:

**echo YourHash | factom-cli put -e “picturename” -c 475fbcef5e3a4e1621ed9a6fda5840c1d654715e55a8f5e514af0fb879ce0aec ec-wallet-address

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