Factom Technical Update: Binaries v0.3.6

Technical Updates | March 29, 2016
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We are thrilled to announce new Factom binaries and installers. They are now available on GitHub for Windows, Mac and Linux. We have improved security, reliability, and compatibility. The new binaries also have a faster test environment setup and in-house integration/deployment. To get started, follow our guides for step by step instructions on how to install and use our software.

“With this release we have developed techniques to locally simulate nodes in China. This will allow us to test and debug problems arising from transoceanic networks.” – Brian Deery, Chief Scientist

“Now configuring both local and remote factomd is easier and faster. In a matter of seconds, all the entries of a user chain can be obtained by running one simple cli command.” – Veena Gondkar, Senior QA Analyst

We are nearing our second milestone. As you may have noticed, we have launched the Factom Store, where you can purchase Entry Credits. We will soon be testing other aspects of our second milestone. You can see our progress here. If you are interested in becoming a Community Tester, please email brian@factom.org.

Thanks for being an awesome and supportive community,

The Factom Team

Release Notes for

Syncup acceleration
We fixed a bug that was slowing our system in China. Upgrade factomd on your node to resolve this issue.

Point to trusted remote factomd
You can now run a trusted factomd node. It allows multiple clients to share a single blockchain instance. Using a trusted factomd node does not require sharing private keys and limits attacks. It trades convenience for trustlessness. It also allows cloud service providers to host a local blockchain node which served an API to its clients.

User friendly setup for inter-company sandbox
Developers can now setup a local federated server to do local testing. Realistic setup are also now available on the federated server on the LAN. factomd must be recompiled to allow the local client to download the blockchain from the LAN. This release gives the option in the config file to specify the local server. See how to setup a sandbox here.

Experimental partial Netki support
Last year, Factom announced it would integrate the Netki wallet name resolution. We have added preliminary read support for the Factom Command Line Wallet in this release. Use the “-r” command flag to lookup a Factom address to send Factoids or Entry Credits.

Golang 1.6 support
Factom can now be compiled using the latest version of Golang.

Vendorized all dependency packages
All 3rd party packages are now pulled from the FactomProject repository, so users do not have to worry about these packages introducing malicious or latent bugs. This allows only Golang and Google 3rd party repositories to pull when compiling Factom.

API changes for fctwallet
Factoid block search ranges can be specified in the API, allowing faster automated searches for new transactions.

The compose-chain-submit and compose-entry-submit calls have been updated to take hex data instead of ascii data in the extID fields. This allows for arbitrary data to be used as an extID instead of just text.

The Factoid-sub-fee API call has been added. This is the opposite of the addfee call. Subfee allows users to deduct an output by the correct fee amount. It will help when emptying an address.

Updates to factom-cli
All entries can be requested, including the first entry in the chain. Updated command “get chain” to “get chainhead”. We also exposed the subfee command in the cli wallet.

Updates to walletapp
You now no longer need to navigate to the terminal window to launch walletapp on the mac. We built a shortcut: double click on walletapp in the mac environment for the HTML files.

Config file error tolerance
We have resolved the tolerance level for factom.conf file, including missing lines.

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