12 Days of Factom Twitter Bounty

Uncategorized | December 14, 2015
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[BOUNTY] Win $100 in BTC + 100 Factoids for Best Tweet – Ends December 25, 8:00PM CET!

Christmas is coming and we are thrilled to announce our 12 Days of Factom Twitter Bounty. Anyone with a Twitter account can participate and win a prize of $100 worth of BTC + 100 Factoids. We want to hear how transparency and verification in record keeping can make a change for businesses and institutions. Tweet to us about use cases, ideas for new projects, or what you’d like to build on our platform.

The winning entry will be selected after the end of the bounty for the best creative, insightful, witty, inspiring, and popular Tweet. You can tweet as many times as you like with a picture, a meme, a slogan, an idea, etc. To be eligible, your Tweets need to contain both@factomproject and the hashtag #factomxmas.

Sample Tweet: @factomproject is the #blockchain truth engine. #factomxmas #bitcoin #fintech #startup

The above is only an example you should Tweet your own ideas, pics, slogans, etc.

**How and when do I receive my prize?
**The prize will be awarded after the end of the bounty. We will get in touch with the winners via a personal message on Twitter. Make sure you follow us so we can send you a direct message. We will then ask for an email address for further details.

**Picking the Winner
**We will be monitoring all submissions for the duration of the bounty. We will choose between the ones that stand out for their originality, creativity, and best feedback (i.e. retweets, quotes, etc). We’ll also be retweeting and quoting the posts we like the most.

We are looking forward to see your submissions and we wish you all a very merry Xmas.

Thanks for being an awesome and supportive community.

The Factom Foundation Team

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