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Company Updates | May 11, 2015
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Our team is hard at work building the tools and resources that will power the Factom ecosystem.  Here’s a preview of some exciting things Factom and our partners are creating.

What’s Being Built on the Blockchain:

Anti-Corruption Tool – Bitsapphire and Factom are working on an anti-corruption tool to manage the land municipal registry databases in Kosovo. They plan to use the Factom API to build a cryptographic record to prove the databases haven’t been corrupted.

KYC Solution – Bitsapphire and Factom are also working on an innovative solution to the “Know Your Customer” problem many banks face. They are now building an identity management system backed up by Factom’s API for Moonstone.

Music Authentication – Bitsapphire will be working with Peertracks to build an external verification system for music. The Factom API will be used to audit and verify content for  intellectual property rights.

Land Registry Tool – Factom and Epigraph have built a proof of concept for a next generation land title registry. It is currently being evaluated by select governments worldwide.

Tierion – A complete solution to collect data from web and mobile applications, publish the data in Factom, and send the data to the applications that are important to your business, find out more:

Factom Developer Tool Kit – Factom has begun creating the tools that will empower developers to build on top of the Factom protocol.  We will be seeking community feedback as we develop these new tools.

Factom Explorer Tool – The Factom Explorer has been redesigned and rereleased with a new slick look. (

The Rundown of the New Bitsapphire and Factom Partnership:

What makes this partnership so powerful and interesting is that it combines unalterable record-keeping with KYC, data protection, and real time auditing. Factom and Bitsapphire will be working together to build a land registry tool for Kosovo municipalities, KYC Solution for Moonstone wallet, and music authentication for Peertracks. Our wonderful Peter Kirby, President of Factom, recently said, “Bitsapphire is building some of the most innovative solutions to KYC, data protection, and real time auditing on the blockchain. Factom makes it simple for them to create these products without bloating the Bitcoin Blockchain or building a complicated incentive system around a private blockchain.”

Bitsapphire will be creating a new level of KYC for their Moonstone crypto wallet. It will allow users to transfer and trade among Bitcoin, BitAssets, User-Issued Assets, and other tokens. It will be available in the next 6-12 months with customer identification via the Factom protocol.

Peertracks is creating partnerships between artists and fans ( through its online platform. Now with the help of Bitsapphire and Factom, it is tackling the problem of consistency of audio files and property relationships. Bitsapphire will be creating audio file hash storage for independent verification through Factom’s API.

The anti-corruption software processes are for local Municipalities in Kosovo. Bitsapphire is using a modified Eris stack for a permission based permit and GIS database/blockchain. Factom will be notarizing the checkpoints and be the independent encrypted storage of the databases and spreadsheets. Taulant Ramabaja the Co Founder at Bitsapphire said, “We are happy to announce that we are using new blockchain tech to solve old problems, and that Kosovo Municipalities will be among the pioneers in this space. Kosovo is in our opinion the perfect place to test these new approaches due to its recent history and struggles, but also because new and thoughtful majors are looking to streamline their operations through technology.”

As many of you know, the Factom Foundation is in its final days of the software sale. We have had generous participation from the Bitcoin community. To date, we have had over 2300 transactions and collected over 2200 bitcoins. We, at Factom all feel incredibly humbled by the communities interest in our simple API. If you are not one of the twenty or so developers working on a Factom supported business, we hope that the above inspires you to take the leap. In 3 days we will close out our Koinify campaign. This is your last opportunity to get your hands on part of the initial supply of Factoids. New Factoids will not be sold at the Factom Storefront until we reach our second milestone in Q3 of 2015, while the current supply will shrink due to utilization. Don’t kick yourself for missing the boat on this one.

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