August 2019 Authority Node Operator Update

August brought the incarnation and launch of the PegNet! As a decentralized, non-custodial network of tokens pegged to different currencies and assets that allow for trading and conversion of value without the need for counterparties, it was a great effort by the Factom Protocol Community. 

While this is a summary of August activities as an Authority Node Operator (ANO) of the Factom Protocol, you can find more technical details in the long form updates: 

There were two sponsor meetings in August 2019.  A new sponsor for the Protocol Development Grant joined in August, David Kuiper of Bedrock Solutions.  The sponsors in attendance in August were Nolan Bauer, David Kuiper, Valentin Ganev, and Nikola Nikolov (both of Factomatic). 

We also announced a new partnership with Skaffolder, an Austin based technology company empowering developers to quickly build custom web and mobile applications in multiple programming languages. Factom added blockchain to their templates, providing for immutable data. 

Read more in the press release here: Skaffolder press release

This is where we will be in the upcoming months, let us know if you want to connect: 

August was a wonderful month for the growth of the Factom Protocol and everyone coming together in order to launch the PegNet. Thank you to everyone involved! We’re looking forward to a busy fall.