October 10, 2018
We wrapped up our second hackathon of the year with our Smart Contract Hackathon in Chicago September 29-30. Teams had 24 hours to create a smart contract solution using the Factom blockchain. Saturday started... READ MORE
September 26, 2018
As an example let us model a game of Tic-Tac-Toe as a smart contract. A Factom SmartContract can be thought of as a program that encodes events into meaningful blockchain data. A well constructed... READ MORE
September 24, 2018
After blockchain technology hit the scene, the world quickly wanted more. Bigger, faster stronger. Blockchains popped up to do everything from summoning taxis to paying your electric bill, the magic solution to the future.... READ MORE
June 18, 2018
It has been a week since we kicked off the first hackathon exclusively hosted by Factom and we couldn’t be more proud of how it went. We learned a lot, we lost sleep and... READ MORE
May 25, 2018
The Factom “Paper vs. Blockchain” Hackathon on June 9th and 10th at the Capital Factory in Austin will highlight the unique work of those building projects with the Factom protocol. You will be joined... READ MORE
January 15, 2016
A project that proposes using blockchain technology to shift the traditional international trade business took first place and won the prize of USD 30,000 during the Shanghai Blockchain Hackathon hosted by the Wanxiang Blockchain Lab and... READ MORE