Technical Update: Using Your Factoids

Use your Factoids with the Factom Binaries

Tech Update Factoids Using

We have listened to our community feedback and want to make our software easier to use so we released another step-by-step guide this week. This guide explains how to use our binaries (available for Mac, Windows, and Linux) to send and receive factoids and is available on our website here. To be able to send and receive factoids you will have to first install the three Factom binaries: factomd, fctwallet, and factom-cli, find the latest install guide here

Before attempting to transact factoids make sure your binaries are functional by running some of the commands available in factom-cli.

The newest guide will be useful for people who want to start using their Koinify balances or want to have them in their own local factoid wallet. Please note that this is early beta software you should use this guide at your own risk, we suggest not to use large amount of factoids in case there may be issues, bugs, or you mistype a command. The Factom Dev Team is working on an easy to use Factoid Wallet App (GUI based), it is some time away and, if unsure how to use the command line, it will be best for you to wait.

For the brave ones this will be a good opportunity to test factoids, convert them to Entry Credits to allow them to factomize anything they wish. We will be releasing more guides in the near future, stay tuned.

Brian Deery on The Crypto Show
Our own Brian Deery has been on The Crypto Show twice during the last month, first discussing the Factom launch here and then, last weekend, about some interesting ideas pitched around at the Scaling Bitcoin conference he and Paul Snow attended in Vancouver.

Thanks for being an awesome and supportive community.

The Factom Foundation Team

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