Technical Update: Pre-Release Version

The Pre-Release is Up!

Tech Update Prerelease

As of last night, we have a pre-release of Factom available online. This is a very limited version. We will be testing for robustness over the next few weeks. We expect several iterations before we have our release candidate available. We will need to break the pre-release version a few times before getting the robustness needed for our Beta.

If you are a “very brave” tester, are familiar with Go, and have a strong desire to help us test, then please reach out.

If you would like to help test the release candidate, drop us a line here. We will need a lot of help scrubbing out little bugs once the largest one have been removed.  

The pre-release version is a major step forward. This iteration reflects the main components of Milestone 1, a working Beta.  

This is a quick overview of what can be done:

  1. Factoids can move between addresses
  2. Factoids can buy entry credits
  3. Chains can be created
  4. Entries can be put in chains
  5. Entries can be read back

The largest improvements on the Alpha API vs. pre-release API are Factoids and entry credits are now working together. Factoids will be provided for those testing the system and in your wallet when you install it.

Once debugging has been completed, we will make the “Release Candidate 1” available for further Beta testing by the broader community. Having Factom and the Factoids safe and secure is a top priority for our team. This testing period is very important as we approach the delivery of milestone one and the launching of the live Beta network.

Thank you for being an awesome and supportive community.

The Factom Foundation Team

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