Rivetz + Factom Announce Collaboration

Add Device-Level Security to the Blockchain Ecosystem.

Partnership Rivetz

Austin, TX – March 27, 2015 

Today, Rivetz, and Factom announced that Factom has selected Rivetz to integrate world cyber-security for the Factom applications, and that Rivetz has selected Factom to assure the global integrity of attribute data for Rivetz-protected applications. This collaboration will leverage Rivetz’s Trusted Execution model for the secure protection and processing of data and collection of user intent with Factom’s data layer on the blockchain to provide organizations in the financial, manufacturing, distribution and wholesale industries with the efficient means of verifying processes and registering data.

David Johnston, chairman of the Factom Foundation board of directors said, “We are excited to integrate Rivetz’s capabilities to bring world-class protection of users’ identities and private keys as an option for all of Factom’s users. Rivetz is providing a fundamental technology that will benefit all new blockchain-based applications.”

“Rivetz is pleased to partner with Factom to bring a new capability to all applications—the ability to store a fact. We look forward to integrating Factom’s capabilities into our solution to protect and attest to the attributes of modern devices for security, convenience and privacy,”  stated Rivetz CEO Steven Sprague.

Factom uses blockchain technology to innovate how organizations can manage and record their data. Businesses can now reliably look to Factom and Rivetz for highly secure, decentralized record-keeping using their API, without having to ensure their information is being stored in a compliant and private manner.

All the data managed by Factom is hashed (a process by which mathematical algorithms encode data into a different form), resulting in an indistinguishable string of alphanumeric characters, rendering information such as names, addresses, transactions and finances impermeable. Only the person who sent the information into the Factom layer is aware of what data it contains. Rivetz provides the local environment which assures that the information being protected was what the user intended, and enhances the quality of the hash signatures by incorporating cyber-security controls for the local keys and identity information.

Rivetz believes that keeping both the data and the location of the data private is essential to many business and consumer transactions. Rivetz allows the assurance of the Factom network to meet all of the global requirements for protection of identity keys and encryption process. Together, the solution will meet the needs of the most demanding customers and substantially reduce the cyber-security risks which face so many solutions today.

About Rivetz
Rivetz Corp. is focused on solving problems associated with consumers’ relationships with financial and other online services. Rivetz provides a safer and easier-to-use model for all users to protect their digital assets and online transactions using hardware-based device identity. The device plays a critical role in automating security and enabling the controls that users need to benefit from modern services. Rivetz leverages state-of-the-art cybersecurity tools to develop a modern model for users and their devices to interact with services on the Internet. For more information, visit Rivetz.com.

About Factom
Factom is a generalized data layer for the blockchain which allows users to publish and verify any kind of digital information. Factom’s technology is especially compelling for those who want to build trust with users by providing complete transparency and real-time audit ability of their systems of record, while at the same time maintaining user privacy. Blockchain-based authenticity verification and auditing of documents offers significant value for any business process one wants to make honest and accountable. Check out examples and videos that explain how different companies can use this new platform at Factom.org.

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