Poloniex Adds “FCT Factom” (Factoids) To Their Exchange

By Nicola Minichiello – Communications

Partnership Poloniex

We are thrilled to announce that Poloniex is the first cryptocurrency exchange to have added support for factoids software tokens. After our software sale, our supportive community has been eager for a platform on which to trade factoids (FCT for short).

We have released binaries and installers for the Factom client to make it easier for users to transfer tokens as they wish. You can find our guides together with the installers for Windows, Mac, and Linux here: http://factom.org/howto.

Poloniex has chosen “FCT Factom” as the clearest way to list the Factoids on their platform, given many people aren’t aware of the technical details of the Factom Network or its use of “Factoids”, but know the project simply as “Factom”.

“Poloniex has a talented team of developers and it was easy working with them on the Factom integration for their exchange.” Stated Paul Snow, CEO of the Factom Foundation.

“We are excited to add Factom to the Poloniex platform as part of our commitment to bringing innovative new projects to the market.” Continued Tristan D’Agosta, CEO of Poloniex Exchange.

Thanks again to our awesome community of open source contributors and volunteer supporters.

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