Infinity Algorithms + Factom Announce Collaboration

Partnership Infinity Algorithms

London, UK – April 13th, 2015

Today, Infinity Algorithms and Factom are proud to announce a new partnership. Infinity Algorithms will integrate Factom’s time stamped immutable ledger into the SAFE network providing an additional layer of security for users. This will build trust by providing complete transparency and real time audibility of SAFEX network systems of record, while at the same time maintaining user privacy. Factom will also be exploring ways to utilize the SAFE network within the Factom protocol.

Infinity Algorithms and the SAFEX Protocol
Infinity Algorithms uses Factom for time-stamping and verification in its SAFEX protocol.

“We are proud to announce a partnership in which the SAFEX protocol will enable Factom’s time stamped immutable ledger into the SAFE Network.” Said Daniel Dabek, Co-Founder and CEO of Infinity Algorithms.

“Infinity Algorithms is providing an important bridge between the SAFE Network and other blockchains and Factom is proud to be a part of that integration.” Said Peter Kirby, Factom’s President.

Who is Infinity Algorithms?
Infinity Algorithms is a software and technology firm based in San Francisco. They pioneer decentralized automation software and hardware configurations for commercial use. Infinity Algorithms makes it possible for people to be totally in control of their private information through their software and hardware. The SAFEX protocol is a major breakthrough in preventing fraud in the field of exchange. Each person can download a client and trade in open markets without giving up their assets to a custodian. Through Infinity Algorithms, People have the security that their financial decision are their own and not at the mercy of an unknown entity. Learn more at

Who is Factom?
Factom is an immutable and time stamped data layer for the blockchain that allows users to publish and verify any kind of digital information. Factom technology is especially compelling for those who want to build trust with users by providing complete transparency and real time audit ability of their systems of record, while at the same time maintaining user privacy. Blockchain based authenticity verification and auditing of document and offers significant value for any business process one wants to make honest and accountable. Check out examples and videos that explain how different companies can use this new platform:

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