How to Buy Factoids on Koinify

Factom Software Sale

Step 1 – Go to the Factom page on Koinify

Koinify is managing the Software Sale for Factom.

Step 2 – Sign Up for Koinify & Sign Into Koinify

Click ‘SIGN UP’ on the top right-hand side of the webpage.

Enter your email and password (don’t forget or lose your password, note it down).

Click ‘SIGN UP’.

Open the email they send you.

Click ‘Confirm email address’.

Enter your Email & Password.

Click ‘SIGN IN’.


Step 3 – Buy Factoids
Click ‘BUY’.

You will be prompted with a Master Passphrase: write it down on a piece of paper. Important Note: Don’t lose this passphrase or share it with anyone, if you loose it you will not be able to retrieve your Factoids ever!


Enter your Master Passphrase (the one you wrote down earlier).

Click ‘OK’.

Read the Purchase Agreement.

Click ‘ACCEPT’.

Enter the Amount of BTC you want to purchase (the rate per BTC will diminish by 100 every 7 days. Get yours early).

Copy the BTC address that appears below the barcode. If you have a Bitcoin Wallet App on your Smartphone you can simply scan the barcode instead.

Send the amount of BTC you have chosen above to the provided BTC address

If you don’t have BTC here is a link that will walk you through how to buy bitcoins with Coinbase. Note this will take 4-5 days to process if it’s your first time. By then the price of Factoids will have risen. Another option is to buy some off of a friend or use a service like LocalBitcoins.

After sending go back to your Koinify page and you’ll see the below transaction details (note the minor reduction in number of Factoids is a result of transaction fees).


Finally your Factoids will show up in your Koinify Wallet.

You have now successfully purchased Factoids.

To learn more about Factom head over to

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