Factomize = Unbreakable

What do JPMorgan, Ebay, Ashley Madison’s website, and even the IRS have in common? They have all lost sensitive data to hackers.

Hack Ashley Madison

Only one network is impervious to intrusion with today’s technology, it’s the Bitcoin blockchain. Leveraging over ten thousand connected devices it out runs every attack from hackers.

The blockchain has been unusable for corporation and governments until Factom. Factom has created a platform that allows identity, sensitive corporate records, and much more to be “Factomized” into the blockchain for iron-clad security and unbreakable records.

Factom Anchoring

Factom is the first technology that will allow every corporation and government to piggyback off of the security of the blockchain. We will drop anchors into multiple blockchains for extra security redundancy. Identity, sensitive corporate records, and titles have already been Factomized.

A world with greater transparency and accountability is on our doorstep. Blockchain technology is changing every industry it touches and is playing on the mind of executives and VCs everywhere.

Forward-thinking corporations already have blockchain projects in the works. Corporations and Governments that do not inoculate themselves with the blockchain will be obsolete in the future.

Factom is creating a data security revolution through the blockchain. It is the first technology to solve real-world business problems using Bitcoin. With a single anchor into the bitcoin blockchain, millions of records become secure in real-time. Once “Factomized”, information becomes impossible to modify, delete, or backdate. It is unhackable and unbreakable. Where do you fit in this revolution? Start Learning Factom Now.

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Factom Hackathon Recap

Factom Hackathon Recap

Posted: June 18, 2018 In Hackathon

It has been a week since we kicked off the first hackathon exclusively hosted by Factom and we couldn’t be more proud of how it went. We learned a lot, we lost sleep and we spent this last week in retrospection. With over 100 attendees, we spotted some very bright, enthusiastic, and passionate developers who came to conquer paper.

Factom launches Milestone 3: Fully Autonomous Protocol

Factom launches Milestone 3: Fully Autonomous Protocol

Posted: May 3, 2018 In Company Updates

This is the third and final milestone for the Factom Blockchain Protocol as outlined in the white paper. 

The Problems with Blockchain

The Problems with Blockchain

Posted: April 4, 2018 In Blockchain

We would like to take a moment to discuss the problems with blockchain, which might seem odd as we are a blockchain company. In truth, it was the problems we saw in the early stages of blockchain technology that led us to create the Factom Network.