Factom on The Economist + New Office

We have had another wonderful week of development at Factom. We will have several new updates for everyone early next week. Here is a quick rundown of some of the things that we have been up to this past week.

Factoids price can now be seen on your Android device
Digital Currency Widget is a simple widget that displays the current price of your favorite cryptocurrency according to your choice of exchange. You can choose to view the price converted to any of 8 major old-world currencies.

Factom featured on The Economist
Peter and Tiana were interviewed by a reporter for The Economist. You can read about Factom’s work and other blockchain companies in their latest issue.

Economist 779X1024

Factom’s New Office
The factom team has moved into a new, larger office last weekend. As the team is growing we need more space to fit our staff. So after a weekend of DIY assembling desks and setting things up we can now show you some pictures.

New Office Entrance

The new office entrance

Staff Settled

Some of the team members settled in

We are looking for two more amazing people to join our team. Currently we need a test engineer able to dig into backend code, compare binary structures against specifications. Automated testing experience a plus. And the ability to write scripts and understand command line tools. Must use Linux, Windows, Mac and be willing to live and work in Austin TX.

We also need a full stack engineer: C/C++, Java, and Go. Multi-language experience required. Key-Value databases like Bolt or Leveldb a plus. Understanding of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology a plus. Backend programming, Web Services, Networking. Degree and significant work experience required. Must be willing to live and work in Austin TX.

If you are interested in joining our team please drop us a line at factom.com/careers.

Factom at the Bitcoin.com AMA
Bitcoin.com will be hosting a series of Blockchain related AMAs during November and December 2015 on their forums. David Johnston is scheduled for an AMA on November 8th while Paul Snow for December 16th. Find the full list of AMA sessions here.

Btc Ama Large

Thanks for being an awesome and supportive community.

The Factom Foundation Team

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