Factom Participates in Medici Ventures Blockchain Summit

By Crystal Wiese – Director of Marketing

Factom CEO Paul Snow and Chairman of the Board David Johnston attended the invitation-only, Medici Ventures Blockchain Summit by Medici Ventures for their portfolio companies in early January. The Summit, held annually in Salt Lake City, brings the Medici portfolio companies together for collaborations. Other portfolio companies in attendance were: T Zero, Symbiont, Bitt, Ripio, Bitsy, PeerNova, Identity Mind Global, DeSoto Inc., SettleMent, Spera, and Voatz.

Factom will be working closely with several of our peer companies as a number of opportunities for collaboration were identified during the summit.  

The Summit provided an opportunity for Snow to renew relationships with Factom Board member, Medici COO Steve Hopkins, and world-renowned economist Hernando DeSoto. Additionally, Factom is working with former Symbiont President Caitlin Long to promote blockchain-friendly legislation. Factom also established initiatives to work with Overstock’s lobbyists for improved education and laws surrounding cryptocurrency and blockchain in Washington D.C.

Presentations by Medici’s portfolio companies included discussions of their document management needs during the Summit. Snow was able to present a deep dive of Factom technology to the Medici board members, especially the applications of Factom’s technology and the interest we are seeing across the industry.

Factom appreciates Medici Ventures’ continued interest and support of the Factom protocol.

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