Factom Goes Into OverFunding

Bttf Overfunding

We deeply appreciate all our Backers & Investors for pushing our project commitments past the $1,000,000 level.

During the “over funding” period participants can see we have already reached our stated goal and they can support our efforts. Factom Inc. is setting aside some more of the seed round shares for participants that take part through BnkToTheFuture. These additional share will be under the same terms as the initial offering.

These funds will enable us to implement our industry-changing technology. We founded Factom because we believe honesty is good for business. Factom’s API is an elegant system that can change the way business and governments maintain and audit their records. This means more honest records and clearer accountability. We can solve hard problems and change the world for the better when we have an honest framework to build on.

If you want to see the specifics of the share offer, term sheet or other due diligence items request the documents through the investor section of the Factom Inc. BnkToTheFuture profile.

Please visit www.Factom.com to learn more. If you are interested in speaking with someone at Factom Inc. please connect here.

To secure an interview with Peter Kirby contact marketing.

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