Announcing the Factom Software Sale

By Nicola Minichiello – Communications

Today we are proud to share with the Factom and Bitcoin community the epic news you all have been waiting for, announced today via Coindesk - **the Factom Software Sale will be starting March 31st**.

Our friends at Koinify will be our due diligence and sale partner for this event, ensuring that our token proceeds are distributed according to staged development milestones. Software token sales are an exclusive event where the community is able to purchase a limited number of project tokens that will give the holder privileges to access the network at launch.

The partnerships that Factom has been announcing recently are part of a larger effort to add to the use case and diversity that Factom offers through its technology. Factom’s software tokens, called Factoids will enable users to access the core platform and services from its partners through the network.

The tokens will be generated after the close of the token sale and sent directly to participants. Holders of Factoids will be given priority access to the network and will be of the few to have a first glimpse into the future of Blockchain technology with Factom.

We are finalizing the end date of the token sale with Koinify and will be releasing the development milestones closer to the end of the month. Our goal is to be as transparent as the Blockchain and we will be updating the community regularly with our progress on this announcement. Read more about the Factom Software Sale on Koinify’s blog here.

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Factoid Sale

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