Building Rapid Blockchain Prototypes with Skaffolder and Factom

We recently announced a partnership with Skaffolder, an Austin-based technology company that allows developers to quickly create web applications in multiple programming languages. Starting with visual modeling, Skaffolder allows the generation of source code, documentation and an initial interface to get started. Our partnership with Skaffolder adds a blockchain feature to make publishing immutable data easy with the click of a button.

Skaffolder was born with the idea of speeding up and automating as much as possible the work of programmers, making it less human-error prone.

In order to accelerate business and remain competitive, time to market for your products and services is key. Skaffolder’s framework enables organizations to develop and deploy scalable, globally-available applications in both web and mobile environments quickly.

The platform saves up to 40% of the time compared to the average, providing a code that is easy to understand and fully customizable for developers. 

The automatic creation of code with Skaffolder standardizes the working methodology in the projects, increasing the ideas interchange between the professional figures within them. This automation allows developers to complete projects 30-40% faster. 

Skaffolder is a SaaS and command-line tool code generator that produces high-quality code in multiple programming languages, starting from database and API specification and creates a fully customizable code template. The code is stored on your GIT repository in your chosen programming languages, you control the code. 

Using Skaffolder’s code generator, you can now automatically create immutable proofs to correspond with your data entries. The generator works with seven different popular databases including Postgres, MySQL, and MongoDB. Each time a change is made to your database, a hash is uploaded to the blockchain indicating who made the change and the new version of the data. This makes your databases auditable and trusted sources of information.

As an example, imaging a shipping company needs to create provable records of all package deliveries. They’re already using a MongoDB database to store all of their tracking data as it is supplied by drivers and distributions centers. With the Skaffolder system, adding blockchain proofs to this process is as simple as creating a Harmony account and importing the database models into the web application. In minutes, you can export MongoDB code in your desired language that will create these records.

By leveraging immutable third-party data, you can enhance your internal records to make them more portable and trusted. This significantly enhances the security of your data. For example, unauthorized changes to the database can be immediately exposed by comparing to the original blockchain records, meaning you have an additional level of security in every situation.

There are some additional savings that can be unlocked using immutable records as well. The knowledge that a record can’t be changed once written (and neither can the past itself) means that audits become immutable as well. Once a record has been validated by a third party such as an auditor or a bank, that claim and the audit itself are now a matter of public truth. Audits and other such actions become cheaper as each successive review of the data gives more and more weight to your immutable proofs. 

Stay tuned for an upcoming webinar –  we’ll walk through how to build an application on Skaffolder using immutable data with Factom. Details coming soon!