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Blockchain, Harmony Connect | December 14, 2018
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Factom Harmony is all about building blockchain into your systems and processes. Our latest product release, Connect, gives you the tools to build blockchain into your applications without cryptocurrencies, wallets, or network nodes.

With Connect, you receive a simple REST API to read, write, and search Factom® blockchain entries. It comes with everything you need to get started, including documentation and a blockchain explorer to verify and view entries. To put it simply, we give you a free API key for the sandbox environment, giving you the tools to build a blockchain application with our user friendly interface, and providing documentation to help you along the way.

Connect has 10 advantages:

  1. Read, write, and search blockchain entries in the Blockchain Explorer
    • With the Factom Explorer, you can search by block height, hash, KeyMR, chain ID, transaction ID, or address to make viewing entries easy.
  2. Code in the language you know, no blockchain expertise needed
    • Our simple Connect interface allows for a straightforward process so you can focus on your app, not the intricacies of blockchain. No blockchain developers needed here!
  3. REST API, SDKs, and documentation access
    • Connect offers all the supporting materials needed to help you build your app.
  4. Private blockchain options
    • Entries are written to the public sandbox with options to upgrade to private blockchains.
  5. No mining or node setup
  6. Fixed write costs in USD, no cryptocurrency or wallet
    • Our two token system ensures entry costs are low, fixed and predictable.
  7. Write queueing (no waiting!) and status callbacks via webhooks
  8. Indexed blockchain for fast lookups
    • By using chain IDs, looking up data in a block is painless. There’s no need to download every block between your entries, you can search your relevant data by its chain ID, meaning you only view what you are looking for, not the entire blockchain.
  9. No long-term commitment, ability to pay-as-you-go
  10. Free sandbox to get started
    • Connect’s entry level plan comes with a public sandbox blockchain that resets every 24 hours up to 1,000 writes per month. Additional plans can be purchased depending on the environment and number of writes.

When your app is ready for production, write to the public Factom blockchain with predictable entry costs. Create an account to get your free API key today! Get started with Harmony Connect in minutes by visiting account.factom.com/signup.

If you have more questions, send an email to hello@factom.com and we look forward to answering them!


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