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4/6/2015 PR Newswire Morgan Stanley Veteran Joins Bitcoin 2.0
4/6/2015 Reuters Bitcoin technology startup hires Morgan Stanley manager
4/3/2015 IT Knowledge Exchange The transaction that lasts forever
4/3/2015 CoinTelegraph Factom President: ‘Real Time Auditing of Govt Spending Will Bring a New Level of Accountability’
4/2/2015 Japan Bitcoin 東京ビットコインニュース(E004 Factom)
4/2/2015 Forex Minute Bitcoin News Mash-Up: Factom Crowdsale; Corrupted Feds; and More
4/2/2015 CoinFox Factom launches public sale of digital tokens raises money to develop the service
4/2/2015 NewsBTC Factom Crowdsale Raises about 580 BTC in less than a Day
4/2/2015 CoinFox Peter Kirby: working to build transparent and tamper-proof record systems
3/31/2015 CoinBuzz Factom and Factoids: Storing Data in the Blockchain
3/30/2015 8BTC 公证通Factom白皮书:利用区块链真实地记录一切
3/30/2015 Bitcoin Magazine ShapeShift & Factom Partner for Release of Factoids
3/27/2015 CoinTelegraph Paul Snow Rides 21 Miles on a Unicycle to Texas Bitcoin Conference
3/26/2015 AllCoinsNews Vaultoro and Factom Partner to Offer More Gold Market Transparency
3/26/2015 Bitcoinist Factoids: The Tokens that Drive the Factom Protocol
3/26/2015 Nibletz Factom: Adding a Data Layer to the Blockchain
3/25/2015 Nibletz Factom: Adding a Data Layer to the Blockchain
3/25/2015 Brave New Coin Factom and Coinapult Partner For Token Sale
3/23/2015 Business Insider The 25 most exciting bitcoin startups
3/16/2015 CoinDesk Factom Announces Launch Date for Token Crowdsale
3/16/2015 Bitcoinist News Bits on: Block Verify Money20/20 and Factom’s new partnership
3/15/2015 Bitcoinist [VIDEO] Factom Partners With Coinapult As It Preps Software Sale
3/14/2015 CoinReport Factom & Tether collaborate on wallet transparency and hedging plan
3/13/2015 Bitcoinist Tradle and Factom: Delivering Blockchain Economies Of Scale
3/13/2015 Bitcoinist Inside Bitcoins Berlin 2015 – Day 1 – Peter Kirby
3/11/2015 The Merkle Factom: Build Applications On The Blockchain
3/10/2015 World Bitcoin Network Bitcoin 101 – A Million Killer Apps – Part 2 – Blockchains. The WWL & A Global Shared History
3/10/2015 Bitcoin Magazine Serica + Factom Announce Collaboration
3/9/2015 Bitcoin Magazine Tether + Factom Announce Collaboration
3/9/2015 Bitcoinist Factom And Tether Announce Partnership
3/3/2015 NewsBTC EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Peter Kirby Factom President
2/26/2015 NewsBTC Bitcoins and Factoids: a Symbiotic Relationship
2/25/2015 Bruce Fenton Dubai Bitcoin Conference: Paul Snow explains Factom
2/25/2015 Bruce Fenton Dubai Bitcoin Conference: David Johnston Bitcoin and history and the future of the blockchain
2/21/2015 Decentral Vancouver Salon Talks: COINFEST 2015: Vanbex Edition! Synereo – Factom – Trustatom – Etherparty – Opalcoin
2/19/2015 The Wall Street Journal BitBeat: Dell Takes Bitcoin Into Canada, the U.K.
2/15/2015 Forex Minute Toronto to Hold Blockchain and Fintech Expo 2015
2/3/2015 World Crypto Network “Honesty is Subversive” – Interview with Paul Snow from Factom
2/3/2015 Financial Times Bitcoin: possible bane of the diamond thief
2/3/2015 CoinDesk Factom is Serious About Stopping Smart Dishwasher Fights
1/31/2015 CoinsSource Blockchain Brings the Internet of Things
1/26/2015 Bitcoinist TNABC 2015 – PAUL SNOW COFOUNDER FACTOM Innovating the Blockchain
1/21/2015 O’Reilly Radar The 3Ps of the blockchain: platforms programs and protocols
1/18/2015 CoinDesk TNABC Day 1: Bitcoin Industry Undeterred Despite Price Decline
1/18/2015 TechCrunch After The Social Web Here Comes The Trust Web
1/15/2015 CryptoBiz Magazine Factom
1/13/2015 Fuzzie Labs Blockchain: The real gold behind Bitcoin
1/11/2015 Digital Money Times Coin Proz co-founder Tim Frost: 2015 can be the defining year for Bitcoin
1/9/2015 Inside Bitcoins How Blockchain Technology Could Revolutionize the $1.1 Trillion Insurance Industry

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