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5/13/2015 Brave New Coin Factom and Bitsapphire Partner: Adding Data Protection to Record Keeping
5/13/2015 Canadian Business Blockchain technology spells the end of middlemen
5/12/2015 Brave New Coin Synereo Beating Technical Issues
5/11/2015 Financial Times Nasdaq adopts bitcoin backbone for stocks
5/11/2015 Profit Guide The New Technology Putting Middlemen Out of Business
5/8/2015 MIT Technology Review Why Bitcoin Could Be Much More Than a Currency
5/4/2015 Gavin Andresen Time to roll out bigger blocks
5/4/2015 Xconomy Factom Q&A: Secure Record-Keeping a Chip Off the Old Blockchain
5/1/2015 AllCoinsNews [Interview] Peter Kirby on Factom Software Crowdsale – “Linux with the Linux Coin Strategy”
5/1/2015 Inside Bitcoins Clef’s Success Story: Protecting the Factom Token Sale
5/1/2015 Bitcoinist Clef’s Success Story: Protecting the Factom Token Sale
4/29/2015 Bitcoinist Inside Bitcoins New York Day 3: Morning and Noon
4/28/2015 BTC Germany 1st live virtual debate: NXT VS Ethereum VS Factom VS Omni VS Getcredits VS Blackcoin
4/27/2015 The Irish Times How the Isle of Man aims to become the bitcoin capital of the world
4/27/2015 American Banker Practical Ways to Use Blockchain Technology Could Win Over Banks
4/27/2015 Crypto Currency Magazine FACTOMのホワイトペーパーが和訳されました
4/24/2015 Crypto Currency Magazine ファクトムとアメリカ大手医療プロバイダーがパートナーに
4/24/2015 International Business Times Bitcoin and the Wall Street brain drain
4/23/2015 CoinFox We depend on the Bitcoin Core not the organization behind it: Factom and CoinFox on the Bitcoin Foundation crisis
4/23/2015 PR web Factom Announces Partnership with HealthNautica
4/23/2015 AllCoinsNews Factom Helping HealthNautica Secure Med Records Audit Trails with Blockchain
4/23/2015 CoinTelegraph Factom’s Latest Partnership Takes on US Healthcare
4/23/2015 Blockchain Inside Out HealthNautica to use Factom for Healthcare Audit Trails
4/22/2015 Crypto Currency Magazine ファクトムジャパンとファクトムCEOによるプレゼンテーション
4/22/2015 Fortune The cloud is dead. Long live the cloud
4/21/2015 Bitcoin Wednesday Peter Kirby’s Keynote About at
4/21/2015 AllCoinsNews The “Blockchain’s Facebook” Synereo Forms Partnerships With LivelyGig & Factom
4/20/2015 Japan Bitcoin 東京ビットコインニュース(E005 Factom Presentation)
4/20/2015 Bitcoin Magazine Infinity Algorithms and Factom Announce Collaboration
4/20/2015 Investopedia Bitcoin 2.0 Applications
4/20/2015 Digital Currency Council Factom’s Peter Kirby: “The more utility it provides… the more valuable it will become”
4/19/2015 Crypto Currency Magazine シナリオとFACTOMがパートナーシップを!!
4/18/2015 Inside Bitcoins Factom Announces Partnership With Synereo
4/18/2015 Bitcoinist Factom Announces Partnership With Synereo
4/16/2015 CoinBuzz Factom Will Sell Up To 100% Of Its Bitcoin Reserves
4/15/2015 Blockchain Inside Out Interview: Peter Kirby on How Factom is Implementing Business Processes on the Block Chain
4/14/2015 O’Reilly Radar Beyond bitcoin and the blockchain to booming business
4/12/2015 Coinstructors Peter Kirby @ 10-04-15
4/10/2015 Buy A Bitcoin Factom is Bitcoin 2.0
4/9/2015 Decentral Vancouver Salon Talks – Crowdsales 2.0: Factom and Synereo Unleashed
4/8/2015 Forex Minute Bitcoin News Mash-Up: Bitcoin for President; Australian Bank Statement; and More
4/7/2015 Let’s Talk Bitcoin The Bitcoin Game #14 – Cryptocurrency Regulation Talk from the Texas Bitcoin Conference
4/7/2015 Forex Minute Morgan Stanley investment manager Jacob Dienelt to Join Bitcoin Startup
4/7/2015 AllCoinsNews Factom Hires Morgan Stanley Veteran as Crowdsale 2nd Week Nears 2.9 Million BTC
4/7/2015 CoinTelegraph Wall Street Veteran Former Nike CIO Join Bitcoin Startups
4/7/2015 Bloomberg Morgan Stanley Veteran Joins Bitcoin 2.0
4/7/2015 Connected World Rivetz & Factom Security Alliance
4/6/2015 Blogos 私がFactom(ファクトム)を評価(投資)することにした理由
4/6/2015 Bitcoin Magazine Morgan Stanley Veteran Dienelt Joins Bitcoin 2.0 Startup
4/6/2015 American Banker Blockchain Tech Startup Hires Morgan Stanley Adviser

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