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7/16/2015 Keiser Report on RT Keiser Report Episode 784
7/16/2015 Bitcoinist Factom Experiences Groundbreaking Fundraising Round Releases Beta
7/16/2015 Finance Magnates Factom Hits $1 Million Crowdfunding Goal on BnkToTheFuture
7/16/2015 CoinDesk State of Bitcoin Q2 2015: Price Rallies Amid Economic Turmoil
7/8/2015 International Business Times Bitcoin’s blockchain technology could give back more than software has ever eaten up
7/2/2015 Market Watch The technology behind bitcoin is being used in surprising ways
7/1/2015 IEEE Spectrum The Future of the Web Looks a Lot Like Bitcoin
6/30/2015 Silicon Angle Bitcoin equity crowdfunding site BnkToTheFuture passes the $10m funds raised mark
6/29/2015 Fortune The recent bitcoin bump is not from Greece
6/24/2015 NewsBTC Factom Block Explorer Revealed
6/19/2015 Brave New Coin Factom Tackles Land Title Disputes With Bitcoin’s Blockchain
6/18/2015 Devex Bitcoin technology for land administration?
6/14/2015 General Money Forum Factom выпустил бета-версию своего клиента
6/11/2015 Bitnovosti Factom разочарован медлительностью правительства США
6/10/2015 CoinFox Factom reports on progress reveals disappointment with the U.S. government
6/3/2015 BBC Newshour Bitcoin’s Baby: The Blockchain Revolution
6/1/2015 Bitcoinist The Factom Protocol – A Technical Overview
5/30/2015 CoinTelegraph 6 Unconventional Uses of the Blockchain
5/29/2015 Fortune Everyone’s betting on blockchain because we need technology that can scale
5/26/2015 NewsBTC Bitcoin Industry is Just Getting Started
5/24/2015 The Merkle Honduras Looks To Incorporate The Blockchain
5/22/2015 FlowBTC “CAR WASH” THIS! How the Blockchain could have prevented the biggest corruption case in Brazil’s history
5/21/2015 CoinTelegraph – Czech Republic Honduras plánuje vytvoření katastru nemovitostí na blockchainu
5/20/2015 BBC News Bitcoin's baby: Blockchain's 'tamper-proof' revolution
5/19/2015 Bitcoin Magazine Factom Partners with Honduras Government to Build Blockchain-backed Land Registry
5/19/2015 TyN Magazine Honduras utilizará la tecnología blockchain de Bitcoins
5/19/2015 NewsBTC Developing Countries Adopting Blockchain for Land Titles
5/19/2015 NewsBTC Making Use of Bitcoin Technology for Land Titles in Honduras
5/19/2015 CoinReport Factom raises more than $500K in software token sale
5/19/2015 PR web Factom Foundation Closes Software Sale With 4.3 Million Licenses Sold
5/19/2015 Market Watch Taking another bite out of bitcoin
5/18/2015 Forex Minute Bitcoin News Mash-up: Land Registration; Kind Russia; and More
5/18/2015 Bitcoin Vox Factom To Help The Honduras Government
5/18/2015 CoinFox Honduras will use blockchain to build a secure land title record system
5/18/2015 Bitcoinist Exclusive Interview With Factom President Peter Kirby
5/18/2015 Inside Bitcoins Exclusive Interview With Factom President Peter Kirby
5/17/2015 CoinTelegraph Honduran Gov’t to Build Land Registry Initiative on Bitcoin Blockchain
5/17/2015 Finance Magnates Honduras Testing Blockchain-Based Land Registry with Factom
5/17/2015 Silicon Angle Honduras to use Bitcoin Blockchain tech to run its land registry
5/16/2015 Channel News Asia Honduras to build land title registry using bitcoin technology
5/16/2015 Diario Bitcoin Factom se asocia con el Gobierno de Honduras para desarrollar un registro de títulos de propiedad
5/16/2015 Crypto Currency Magazine Factomとホンジュラス政府がパートナーを組んでブロックチェーントライアル
5/16/2015 Forex Minute Honduras to Use Blockchain Technology to build permanent and secure land title record system
5/16/2015 AllCoinsNews Factom Raises 2278 BTC in “Software Token” Crowdsale Sets Beta Release for Q3 2015
5/15/2015 Reuters Honduras to build land title registry using bitcoin technology
5/15/2015 Yahoo! News Honduras to build land title registry using bitcoin technology
5/15/2015 CoinDesk Factom Partners With Honduras Government on Blockchain Tech Trial
5/15/2015 Bezinga Blockchain Could Help Fight Corruption In Honduras
5/14/2015 The Banker Blockchain manoeuvres: applying Bitcoin’s technology to banking

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