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9/6/2015 Crypto Worldwide Factom: Honesty And Security For All Forms Of Record Keeping
9/4/2015 Could the Ashley Madison Hack Have Been Prevented With the Blockchain?
9/2/2015 AllCoinsNews Factom Releases Genesis Beta Joins Plug and Play Accelerator for Funding Access
9/2/2015 CoinTelegraph SEP 2 DIGEST: Bitcoin Devs Pen Open Letter to Community; UK Gov’t Explores Blockchain for Recordkeeping
9/2/2015 The Crypto Show Lyn Ulbricht weighs in on Feds guilty Plea. Brian Deery of Factom on the Factom Launch
9/1/2015 BitGive Foundation Transparency Tech Seeks to Solve Non-Profit Accountability
9/1/2015 Bitcoinist BitGive Addresses Non-Profit Accountability With Bitcoin Technology
9/1/2015 CoinDesk Factom Celebrates Genesis with BitGive BitPesa Plug and Play Tech Center and the Water Project
8/22/2015 Tatiana Moroz Inside Bitcoins 2015: Tatiana Moroz interviews Tiana Laurence of Factom
8/20/2015 Bitcoin Magazine Factom Launches Release Candidate 2 in Preparation for Beta
8/20/2015 Bitcoin Agile Release Candidate 2 presented by Factom ready for its Beta preview
8/20/2015 Tech In Asia Blockchain tech can eradicate corruption in Asia
8/14/2015 NewsBTC Factom Genesis Block is Born
8/14/2015 Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast Factom President Peter Kirby on persistent record keeping
8/13/2015 AllCoinsNews Factom and Netki Form Parternship for Wallet Name Service Integration
8/12/2015 NewsBTC Factom Partners with Netki for Human-Friendly Addresses
8/6/2015 NewsBTC Factom Reveals Latest Updates
7/29/2015 CoinFox David Johnston: Factom will secure the data without flooding the blockchain
7/29/2015 HCTV Microsoft: Blockchain For Social Good
7/28/2015 CoinDesk Microsoft Explores Blockchain Tech’s Use for Social Good
7/28/2015 Max Keiser TV Crowd Factor (S1.Ep.1) with @MaxKeiser @SimonDixonTwitt @FactomProject and @ShapeShift_io
7/25/2015 Brave New Coin Bnk To The Future And Bitcoin Capital
7/23/2015 Crypto Currency Magazine FACTOM、新たなクラウドセールで1.1百万ドルの資金調達
7/23/2015 CoinTelegraph JUL 23 DIGEST: New XT Version Will Include ‘Bigger Block Size Only’ Branch; Factom Raises $1.1 Million
7/22/2015 Reuters Betting on blockchain: firms seek fortune in bitcoin's plumbing
7/22/2015 CoinDesk Blockchain Project Factom Raises $1.1 Million in Crowdsale
7/22/2015 Bitcoints $1.1 Million raised in Crowdsale by Blockchain Project
7/21/2015 NewsBTC Factom Raises $1m to Create Blockchain-based Data Layer
7/20/2015 Forex Minute Blockchain-focused investment firm Coinsilium to go for Public Listing
7/20/2015 CoinFox Factom project raised $900 000 from 263 investors with the help of BTTF
7/19/2015 CoinTelegraph Factom Launches Release Candidate One on Bitcoin Testnet
7/19/2015 BitcoinTalkRadio Interview with David Johnston at Inside Bitcoins Chicago
7/17/2015 CoinTelegraph JULY 17 DIGEST: Top EU Court Adviser Says Bitcoin Should be Exempt From VAT and Factom Launches First Release Candidate
7/17/2015 Let’s Talk Payments Banks Entrepreneurs Startups and VC Firms Showing Interest in Blockchain Technology
7/17/2015 Inside Bitcoins Factom Experiences Groundbreaking Fundraising Round Releases Beta
7/16/2015 Keiser Report on RT Keiser Report Episode 784
7/16/2015 Bitcoinist Factom Experiences Groundbreaking Fundraising Round Releases Beta
7/16/2015 Finance Magnates Factom Hits $1 Million Crowdfunding Goal on BnkToTheFuture
7/16/2015 CoinDesk State of Bitcoin Q2 2015: Price Rallies Amid Economic Turmoil
7/8/2015 International Business Times Bitcoin’s blockchain technology could give back more than software has ever eaten up
7/2/2015 Market Watch The technology behind bitcoin is being used in surprising ways
7/1/2015 IEEE Spectrum The Future of the Web Looks a Lot Like Bitcoin
6/30/2015 Silicon Angle Bitcoin equity crowdfunding site BnkToTheFuture passes the $10m funds raised mark
6/29/2015 Fortune The recent bitcoin bump is not from Greece
6/24/2015 NewsBTC Factom Block Explorer Revealed
6/19/2015 Brave New Coin Factom Tackles Land Title Disputes With Bitcoin’s Blockchain
6/18/2015 Devex Bitcoin technology for land administration?
6/14/2015 General Money Forum Factom выпустил бета-версию своего клиента
6/11/2015 Bitnovosti Factom разочарован медлительностью правительства США
6/10/2015 CoinFox Factom reports on progress reveals disappointment with the U.S. government

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